Advanced Practice Advocacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I talk with at Saint Louis Nurses in Advanced Practice about how government affects advanced practice nursing?

Two board members are elected by the membership to the position of Advocacy Co-Chair. They can be contacted simultaneously by emailing

How can I help to shape legislation that affects me?

Writing (fax, email, regular mail) or calling your elected official with a clear and succinct message overviewing your support or opposition for proposed legislation can make a difference in how laws that affect you take shape.

When contacting your elected official, be sure to reference the name of the legislation and the section that your oppose or endorse.

It’s been a long time since I studied government structure and function. Where can I go for a succinct overview of state and federal government for nurses?

The Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) gives a helpful overview in their Advocacy Handbook.

Who represents me at the state and federal levels in Missouri?

Missouri Legislator Lookup

Who represents me at the state and federal levels in Illinois?

Find Representatives Full version / Find Representatives Mobile / Lite Version

How can I view pending legislation that may affect my nursing practice?

The Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) tracks pending legislation salient to nurses on their website under the “Legislative Affairs” menu in blue on the left-hand side of their webpage.  link relates how advocacy on Capitol Hill in DC is being handled through social media…check it out and “like” or “friend”  your State Representative or State Senator on Facebook.


Pending Bills in Missouri  **Senate passed legislation for Missouri Prescription Drug Monitoring Program- Vote moves to House!


Pending Bills in Illinois